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The two1512

Packing a huge electro-acoustic punch

The Two1512 is unashamedly big and unfeasibly heavy, and it packs a huge electro-acoustic punch, or maybe an all encompassing hug – you choose the music and decide.
But be warned, a pair of Two1512s left silent will sulk. They’re not designed to be quiet, and if you’re looking for a pair of noisy elephants in the room, you’ve found them.

The foundation of the Two1512 is its comprehensively braced, birch ply, 250 Litre cabinet created from a mix of 25mm and 18mm panels. It’s a triumph of the cabinet maker’s art and despite its size is almost completely inert.

The Two1512 driver complement comprises two 380mm low frequency drivers, a single 300mm midrange driver and a waveguide loaded and mechanically decoupled 29mm dome tweeter. Each driver defines the finest currently available of its type, and yet each also draws on over 50 years of tradition and know-how in driver design and manufacture.

The Two1512 drivers are integrated by an intricate, semi-impedance compensated crossover network that expresses all the skills and black arts of passive crossover design, and implements them with a roll-call of the highest quality components. All capacitors are of audiophile grade metalised polymer construction and all but two inductors are air-cored. Front panel mounted rotary controls offer midrange and tweeter equlisation options.  If the Two1512 cabinet is its foundation, and the drivers its muscle, the crossover is its heart.


Type Quad reflex loaded three-way passive speaker system
Cabinet Fully braced birch plywood
Bass Drivers 2 x 380mm (15 inch) with paper diaphragm and ferrite motor
Mid Range Driver 1 x 300mm (12 inch) with selectively hand doped paper diaphragm and neodymium-iron-boron motor
High Frequency Driver 1 x 29mm (1.2 inch) waveguide loaded soft dome
Crossover Semi-impedance compensated three-way with asymmetric second, third and fourth order slopes
Crossover Frequencies 325Hz and 2kHz
Frequency Responses 50Hz to 18kHz ±2dB
Low Frequency Cut-off -6dB @ 28Hz
Midband Sensitivity 95dB for 2.83V @ 1m
Nominal Impedance 8 Ohms (10 Ohms minimum between 100Hz and 10kHz)
Power Handling Adequate
Maximum SPL Disconcerting
EQ Options Mid band (325Hz to 2kHz) ±2dB, High band (2kHz to 20kHz) ±1.5dB
Connections Professional grade Neutrik Speakon connectors with ,multi-amp or multi-wire options

The two1512 the way you want it

Choose from our element, custom or fully bespoke options for the setup you want.


Choose from our inhouse designs

£ 45,000

  • Textured black or white cabinet finish
  • Quad reflex loaded 3 way passive speaker system
  • Fully internally braced birch ply
  • Optional grille
  • Optional voronoi stand
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Configure each part and make it your own.

£ 50,000

prices starting at

  • Fully customisable finishes
  • Choose from a wide range of in-house finishes
  • Quad reflex loaded 3 way passive speaker system
  • Fully internally braced birch ply
  • Grille included
  • Optional voronoi stands
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Completely bespoke, designed to your specification.


  • Work with our design team to create every aspect.
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