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About Stratton

Stratton Acoustics

We are a British acoustic design company centred in delivering exciting products with an unmistakable audio signature.

Working with the best traditions of the British audio industry, our speakers are all designed, handmade and tested in the South of England.

We work hand in hand with our production team to define unique finishes which are manufactured to the highest standards with all aspects designed and engineered by inhouse using lead technologiesand materials.

The result is superior sound performance in a beautiful, hand crafted enclosure.

At Stratton Acoustics we sometimes feel that the rarefied world of high-end audio has lost its way; lost sight of the fundamental joy of recorded music, stopped caring about the whole and started hearing only sterile, microscopic detail.

So we developed our first loudspeaker, the Two1512, with just one goal in mind: to recreate the visceral musical excitement of the 1970s golden age of large scale studio monitors. The Two1512 is a parallel universe loudspeaker that’s inspired by the best of ‘back then’, and reimagines it with today’s finest electro-acoustics, industrial design and artisanal manufacturing.

We design our range of loudspeaker models driven by the philosophy that combines the innocent joy of recorded music with artisanal design and craft in manufacture. And we won’t shy away from stepping well off the beaten track with detail and finish.
Bespoke design and custom manufacture means we can indulge almost any aesthetic whim.